Steven Michael Quezada - the Comedian

Steven Michael Quezada

5 time winner of the NMHEA Comedian of the Year
The "NEW" Mexican

“When I think of Steven I think of peeing my pants as a child because that is exactly what he makes me want to do. Pee my pants, as in laughing so hard I want to pee my pants. It’s a good feeling. Thank you Steven.”

- Aaron Paul
2010 Emmy winning Actor
Best Supporting Actor in a Drama series

“Steven brings the same rich characterization to his stand- up as he does to his acting roles. I've seen his act a few times now and find something new each time. But what stays the same is that he is just damn funny. He kills me. If laughter is good medicine then Walter White should see Steven's stand-up comedy... He'd get well fast!”

- Bryan Cranston
2008, 2009, 2010 Emmy winning Actor
Best Actor in a drama series

"His professionalism and ability to grasp an audience and keep them just where he wants them is matched by very few people in the entertainment industry"

- Avenicio Torres
President - NMHEA &
Event Coordinator - National Hispanic Cultural Center

"Steven is exciting, whimsical, clever, gifted, amusing, playful - he's an entity of his own right!"

- Linda Alire Naranjo
Program Development & Training Director - NM Municipal League

"He tailored the content of his comedy to the crowd at hand. Steven helped make both of these conferences successes with his amazing wit."

- Don Francisco Trujillo II
Board of Directors - National Association of Latino Elected Officials


2011 Biography - Steven Michael Quezada

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